About Debra

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

If you’ve ever found yourself wordless, out of time, forced to write and hating it, you’ve needed my help. I’m Debra Hemminger. I write content for people like you who want to grow their small business by sharing knowledge their audience values.

You’re proud of your business. You should be proud of the writing that represents it. That’s why I take pains to write in your voice. Content I write isn’t “my writing,” it’s yours. People who read it aren’t “my audience,” they’re yours. When I write for your business, I do so in your voice so your audience will recognize you.

It’s impossible to write about anything without learning about it first. I’ve been learning through writing for nearly thirty years. When I studied for my Masters of Management, I analyzed and wrote about a successful technology startup. When I wrote romance novels, I learned to write in different voices and studied ranching and police work. Writing content, I’ve learned about artisan beekeeping, mental health counseling, and travel planning.

Throughout my life, I’ve brought three superpowers to every project I’ve worked on, from starting a professional association to large-scale remodeling projects. My superpowers are:

  • Love of learning
  • Big picture vision
  • Analytic problem solving

My interests include politics, economics, and business. Writing content for small businesses is my dream job, because I draw on all of my powers and interests to help small business owners grow their audience.

To find out how I can help you grow your audience, email me at  Debra@BeyondtheOutline.com or call 503-985-6047.

I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done.

I’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done.