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Benefits 1.0 Give You What You Want Out of Life

You’ve created a shiny new mousetrap (yeah, I know, so original). It’s going to make you millions, millions, of dollars. It’s feature rich and will do everything customers could possibly want. It’s made out of recycled plastic and stainless steel, has a built-in UV light, and a patented mouse attraction system. It captures mice instead of clamping them.

You put it up for sale, and wait for the money to roll in.

But. It. Just. Sits. There.

Nobody buys it. You scratch your head and wonder why.

In the February issue of Write Away! I said customers ask “How will your product help me get what I want out of life?” You answer that question by talking about emotion-laden benefits.

There are two kinds of emotion-laden benefits. Benefits 1.0 give you what you want out of life. Benefits 2.0 protect your self image. Today we’ll drill down from each of your mouse trap’s features to identify the benefit that gives your customers what they want out of life. Next week, we’ll figure out how those features protect your customer’s self image and decide which is more compelling.

FeatureBenefits that give you what you want out of lifeBenefits that protect your self image
Made from recycled plastic and stainless steelYour house will be mouse free in no time. 
Has a UV lightYou won’t have to touch or store icky mousetraps. 
Has a patented mouse attraction systemNo more frustration –  simple and quick to set up. 
Captures mice instead of clamping themYour mornings will be calm. 

Recycled plastic and stainless steel: they’re stronger than wood. Stronger than wood means they’re reliable. Reliable means they won’t break – when a mouse trips your trap, he’s caught. Your house will be mouse free in no time.

Built-in UV light: UV light sanitizes (no, it’s not a little mousy tanning bed). Built-in sanitization means you won’t have to touch or store icky mousetraps.

Patented mouse attraction system: no need to have cheese on hand. No need for cheese means no bedtime grocery store runs or pinched fingers. No more frustration – these are simple and quick to set up.

Captures instead of clamping: You won’t wake up to mangled mouse bodies or hear their little mousy screams. Your mornings will be calm.

Do you think these benefits will sell the most mousetraps or are there more compelling benefits that will persuade customers to beat a path to your internet portal? Let me know in the comments.