Light up your brain with blog ideas
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Can you think of hundreds of blog post ideas?

If you have trouble with this, maybe it’s because you know so much about what you do that you’ve forgotten the very beginning of your learning curve.

Clear your mind and spend some time remembering – and writing down –

  • the first five things you learned how to do
  • every question you had each time you tried something new
  • the kinds of information you sought out – books, articles, demonstrations, workshops
  • what confused you
  • what ah-ha moments cleared up the confusion.

Really get in touch with your beginner-self and figure out all the things you needed to learn. When you’re done poof! you have a list of blog topics.

As an example, Rick Castellini, a computer expert,  answers callers’ computer questions on his monthly radio show. Because of this, he knows many people in his audience don’t know how to do very simple tasks such as copy and paste. (He’s right – my mom doesn’t.) On he’s posted hundreds of demonstration videos on topics from the complex (Troubleshoot Your High Speed Internet) to the very simple (Cut, Copy, & Paste).

He’s acted on an idea many people would dismiss as soon as they thought of it. “Videos on how to copy and paste, pfft, as if.” Those are the people with writer’s block.

You know better.