Posted in Teamwork is finally live. It’s been a crazy journey, and an amazing learning experience. I’ve gone from trying to do it all myself to hiring a graphic designer and a web designer to put together this awesome site.

Along the way, I gained a new appreciation for the impressive skill set creative professionals bring to a project.

I knew all along that I couldn’t create my own logo. Deborah Brown of Good Luck Place Art and Design created my beautiful pencil. But when it came to slides for my website, I thought I could pull those off myself. After all, I just needed a good picture and some words, right?

Wrong. I needed a visual theme that brought together not only the group of slides, but also turned a picture and some words into a harmonious whole.

Just because I recognize good graphic design, doesn’t mean I can create it.

As for web design, I know how to install a WordPress theme and plug ins, but my ability to set up the details is limited. Graphic design skills came into play here, too. Even if I did have those skills, I don’t code so can’t change anything significant about the theme’s appearance or operation.

Jocelyn Mozak of Mozak Design helped me choose a responsive theme – resize your browser window to see what that means. It makes the site easier to view on a mobile device. Then she did whatever she does “under the hood” to make my site unique. I’d like to know how she did it, but I’m smart enough not to give in to my curiosity.

At least I’m a professional writer. I wrote the copy myself…based on the advice of my business coach, Kaya Singer of Awakening Business Solutions.

I may be a solopreneur, but that doesn’t mean I should do everything myself. It takes a team of professionals to create professional results.

Stroll around my website and see what you think. Do you have any suggestions that will make it easier to navigate or read? Should I add any information? Let me know in the comments.