Nov 2012 – Stories Have Power.

Stories Have Power – Use It!

We humans have been telling each other stories since we developed speech. We share experiences, teach lessons, connect with people, or persuade them. Stories burrow deep into our minds and memory.

To illustrate that point, let me tell you a story, strictly fictional.

My grandfather’s memory is failing. I had to move him into a nursing home. He’s confused and frightened.

I remember sitting in his lap, listening to his stories about “the old country” while we looked at faded black-and-white photos. The photos are mine now. I was going to show them to him at the nursing home and talk with him about “the old country” because he still remembers his childhood. They would have comforted him.

I had the photos in a box in my basement until a water pipe burst. I shut off the water and moved the box onto a high shelf where it should have been safe. But the plumber I called stumbled when he was draining the pipe and spilled water all over the photos. They’re ruined. I know accidents happen, but he didn’t even apologize!

Whatever you do, don’t call Joe Blow Plumbing!

Would you hire Joe Blow Plumbing if you’d never heard of them before? Probably not.

Would you hire them if you already knew them as a reputable firm? I bet you would.

You’re In Charge of Your Business’s Reputation

People will tell stories about your business. It’s your responsibility to manage their impact. You can do this through your actions – like your mother always said, they speak louder than words. You can also do this by sharing your success stories proactively.

Tell a story about the great result you achieved for a customer, and people will experience that victory as though it were their own.

Tell a story that shows your employees going the extra mile for a customer. People will remember your great customer service.

Tell a story that shows how to use your product successfully. People will remember the lesson as if they’d used it themselves.

We all stumble occasionally. If your audience already knows your company’s success stories, they’ll forgive the occasional error.

Write Your Own Story

What is the single most important message you want people to remember about your business? That’s your theme.

What story can you tell that illustrates your message? That’s your plot.

Which employees or customers made it happen? They’re your heroes.

Once you have all the parts, write your story. Share it with your audience in blog posts and articles, when you network and talk to prospects.

Or Hire a Storyteller

Need help turning your pile of literary parts into a compelling story? I can take care of it for you. Contact me to schedule your free thirty minute consult.

After all, who better to write your success story than a storyteller?


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