Services & Rates.


Writing or Editing

Depending on your needs, I can write your content from scratch or edit content you provide. Editing may be the best choice for you if your subject is complex, or if you have existing content or a rough draft that only needs a little polish. When I edit a document, I keep its ideas intact while adjusting wording, sentence structure, and transitions for clarity and flow. I also correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The services I offer are described below. You can find out what factors affect the overall project cost here.


You need potential customers to know, like, and trust you. When you share what you know in well-written articles you establish yourself as an expert and build relationships. Read How it Works to find out how I can help you turn knowledge into articles.

Website copy

Your website is often your first contact with potential customers and partners. If the writing is confusing and riddled with errors, visitors will turn to your competitors. Professional writing answers your visitors’ questions, builds credibility, and generates trust. Contact me for a free assessment of one page on your site.

Reports and eBooks

Do you have a lot to say about your business or industry? Are your customers and potential customers clamoring for more information? A report or eBook may be just what you need. Sell it for passive income, give it away to build goodwill, or publish it in industry journals to build your professional reputation. Long-format writing can be challenging. I can help with both organization and writing.

Case studies

Potential customers want to know if you can solve their problems. I can write a well-presented case study that shows you understand their pain and can fix their problem.

Business stories

A business story is engaging and memorable. A story reaches out to people on an emotional level to attract them. It illustrates how you do business, to reassure them. When you use a story to instruct customers or employees, they remember what they learn. I practiced the art of storytelling when I wrote novels. I would be honored to tell your story.


I can tell the world what you do in one short, memorable line.

Marketing messages

A short, emotionally compelling description of the customers you help and the services you provide helps focus everything you do on your central mission. It is the seed for all of your marketing communication. I can help distill your goals and vision into a cohesive marketing message.

Developmental Editing

You’re a confident writer with a command of your subject and a strong voice, and you’ve decided to write a book. What you need is the unbiased perspective of a reader new to your subject. You need Beyond the Outline. I can identify missing information and explanations, excess information and lost opportunities. I can help you organize your document for maximum clarity and power.

Content Evaluation

Your website content and other written materials need to communicate your message clearly and effectively. A content evaluation will tell you how well they’re doing their job.

What will it cost?

Some of the variables that affect a project’s cost include

  • How you provide the information—I can interview you, you can write a rough draft, or you can pour all relevant information into an “ugly brain dump” document that will serve as my notes
  • The amount and complexity of the writing
  • The complexity of the subject
  • Whether I edit or write from scratch
  • The number of revisions you want to include in the rate

Before I begin work, I’ll offer you estimates for a range of options and packages. We’ll sign an agreement detailing the option you choose, typically covering the following points.

  • A description of the scope of work, including the number of revisions (if any) included in the project fee
  • The payment terms. Depending on the scope of the project this could be half up front and on completion, or one third up front, at the midpoint, and on completion.
  • The steps to take to change the scope
  • The cost of any revisions over and above those included
  • Due dates for information I require from you
  • The project completion date
  • Any other pertinent details

If you decide to change the scope, I’ll estimate how that will affect my work time before I begin any additional work.