The ohi-'a lehua tree, source of one of Big Island Bees honeys.
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The Big Island Bees Brochure

I took my own advice and cranked the handle on the Idea Generation-ator (patent pending). Out popped “Write about the job that gives you the most pride.” That would be the Big Island Bees brochure.

The Company

Garnett and Whendi Puett, owners of Big Island Bees, are fourth generation beekeepers on the Big Island of Hawaii. The single floral honeys their bees produce are valued by foodies and chefs for their intense, pure flavors.

The Project

The Puetts contracted with Deborah Brown, Owner and Creative Director of Good Luck Place Art & Design, to create a new brochure. They wanted to position their honey as a gourmet product. Deborah hired me to write the copy.

The trade winds carried the blossoms’ fragrance

Lucky me! I immersed myself in the worlds of Hawaii and gourmet food.

  • What would I want to read if I was vacationing in Hawaii and trying to decide whether to buy some honey or visit the Big Island Bees Museum?
  • If I were a chef at a four-star restaurant, why would I choose Big Island Bees’ Wilelaiki honey to flavor a particular dish?

Lucky me again! This job was both creative and analytic.

  • I tried to make the reader feel as though they were standing in a field of Hawaiian flowers, smelling the blossoms’ lush fragrance, feeling the trade winds caress their skin.
  • Every word had to pull its weight so I could evoke those sensations within the margins of each subsection of the brochure.
  • I wrote new copy for some subsections and edited existing copy for others.

Cover of Big Island Bees brochure

The result

Deborah and the Puetts knew the tone and information they wanted to convey and challenged me to put them in words. Those words and Deborah’s beautiful design evoke the rich flavors of Big Island Bees single floral honeys.

P. S.

When my husband suggested we vacation on the Kona coast of The Big Island, I agreed with alacrity. I visited Big Island Bees’ museum, chatted with Whendi Puett, and brought home some of their fabulous honey. Visit their website to enjoy it yourself without leaving home.