Coming up with blog ideas is easy. You don't need to worry the problem like the weasel in Foghorn Leghorn

The Only Blog Idea Tip You Need

I have been struggling to come up with blog ideas. This is particularly ironic because I wrote an eBook called Get Stuff Out of Your Head and Onto the Page, you know, all about how to overcome writer’s block. The second section is titled “You Think You Don’t Know What To Write.” It’s full of tools to generate blog ideas.

Every now and then I ought to drink my own fruit-flavored soft drink.

I finally drank it today during a conversation with my Mastermind group. The question asked was how to write effectively for a Kindle book. The exchange went something like this (edited to more effectively illustrate my point and enhance characterization)

Me: (feverishly worrying a simple question to death) What do you mean by how to write effectively for a Kindle book? Do you want to know how to write for reading on a screen or how to write to make the book more finable on Amazon or are you wondering how to structure the content because, really, a good book is a good book no matter what form factor it has. (Picture the crazy weasel on Foghorn Leghorn.)

Her: I’m just saying- this is a good topic. Do you need to write a different way for a Kindle book? it just gives you an opportunity to write about Kindle book writing… whatever you share will be helpful.

Me: (checking my jaw for functionality after severely dope-slapping myself) O-o-oh. I get it. Just because an answer is obvious to me doesn’t mean it’s obvious to everyone else!

So. You’re a subject matter expert, right? You either know all the answers in your domain, or – if you’re bright – know that you don’t know all the answers but know where to find them. Don’t fall into the trap I fell into. Your audience is made up of people who are not experts in your subject and really want your guidance. Every time one of them asks you a question, they’re giving you a blog idea. Sit down at your keyboard and share the answer with everyone.