Online tools can help you come up with writing topics

The Writing Topic Article of Your Dreams

There I was, desperately seeking a topic to write about. Again.

My Idea Generation-ator is a powerful machine, but it’s not perfect.

  • If your hand slips on the crank handle, you could break your keyboard.
  • You are the power source; the machine simply helps you get out of your own way so you can access the ideas you already have.

So again I turned to the generic idea generation-ator, aka the internet. I found several useful articles, the best posted by Steve Floyd on Content Ideation Tools To Streamline Content Creation is a lovely curated list of tools for organizing, curating, and generating content ideas.

It led me to an automatic idea generation-ator!’s Title Maker

Yes, you heard me right. Give’s Title Maker a keyword or phrase and it will produce fleshed-out ideas at the click of a mouse button.

I carefully spoon fed the machine the keywords “writing topic.” Out popped the headline for this article.

A few more mouse clicks gave me:

  • 20 Secrets About Writing Topics the Government is Hiding
  • True Facts About Justin Bieber’s Love of Writing Topics
  • 11 Things Spock Would Say About Writing Topics
  • 7 Facts About Writing Topics That’ll Keep You Up at Night

Okay, I admit these are jokey titles, but the Title Maker could help shake a few ideas loose.

This is another tool in Steve Floyd’s kit. You probably know Quora is a place to get questions answered. That means you can search for your keywords to find out what questions people are asking.

“Writing topic” only had one useful result.

  • What are some good ways to write a presentation and an article for the same topic?

But “content writing” yielded several solid topics.

  • What are some good tips for writing content for mobile users?
  • What are a startup’s typical needs regarding content writing in its early stages?
  • How do you refine the balance between humor and content in writing?
  • Difference between copy writing and content writing in terms with online marketing?

How do you decide what to write about? What tools do you use to stay creative? Tell us all in the comments.