Your business will thrive.


You’ve worked in your industry for years. Your knowledge and experience are in demand. You help as many people as you can, but your reach is limited by the hours in the day. Your business would thrive if you could put your knowledge in writing.

You Don’t Know What To Write.

You’ve been doing your work so long that everything seems basic. What can you tell people that they don’t already know? Quite a lot, actually. What seems basic to you seems impossible to a beginner, and overwhelming to a person who’s competent. Even other experts will find your perspective fresh and thought provoking.

You Don’t Have Time To Write.

You started your business because your work is rewarding, but every day is consumed by an insatiable pile of adminis-trivia. Never mind finding time to write – you can barely bill enough hours to stay in business. But a quality newsletter or blog will attract potential clients. Increase the number of people entering your sales funnel, and you’ll increase sales, perhaps enough to hire an assistant.

You Can’t Write.

You took English in high school, but your best effort never earned more than a sad headshake from your teachers. You don’t want anything you write to represent your business.

You Hate To Write.

What more is there to say? You’d rather have a root canal!

Keep your knowledge trapped in your head, and you hold your business back. It’s a mere outline of its potential.

What’s the alternative to writing your own material? You don’t want to send your clients and prospects poorly written, generic articles.

  • You want to reach them with your marketing message.
  • You need to share your specialized knowledge.
  • As they read it, they need to think they’re listening to you speak.

How can a hired writer make that happen?

My specialty is helping people just like you who have something important to say but can’t write it themselves. Learn how I work with clients.

It all comes down to this – I write what you want to say the way you want to say it.

Put your knowledge in writing to

  • Demonstrate your expertise.
  • Enhance your credibility.
  • Establish yourself as a leader in your field.
  • Build relationships with your client base.

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