Your stories have power.

Your stories have power.

You’ve been meaning to write your company’s stories since your daughter was a twinkle in your eye. Now she’s in driver’s ed.

Customers achieve their goals because of your products. Their jobs and lives are easier thanks to your services. But if you don’t tell your company’s stories they can’t do their job.

Your stories attract people.

Whether you sell to businesses or consumers you sell to people. People are emotional. Facts inform them, but they make decisions on gut instinct and hunches. They want to see themselves in your past customers.

Your stories reassure people.

People buy from you when they’re sure you’re their best choice. You need to eliminate their doubts and fears. They want to know your product will help them.

Your stories make the sale.

When people know what your company stands for, what it does and the happy-ever-afters it creates, they confidently buy from you.

Who better to tell your stories than a storyteller?

With the words of a storyteller, your products’ benefits will attract people.  Your  customers’ stories will reassure people. Your company’s story will make the sale.

Whether you make widgets or reservations, your product is your passion. Writing your success stories is my passion. Let’s work together to make you and your company live happily ever after.